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10 points how to keep our love alive advice? Guys please help!?

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Question by Mel: 10 points how to keep our love alive advice? Guys please help!?
Me and my guy broke Up two weeks ago. During our relationship he got a DUI it was a very hard situation in the beginning. When it happened he was a mess. He thought he was going to lose his job etc because of this situation. I’m sure if you or have been in this situation you would think the same. Anyway, so during our relationship, I drove him everywhere because he obviously can’t drive. I pretty much helped him a lot I’d take him to his DUI classes every Thursday, every morning I would take him to the subway so he could get to work and pick him up from the subway to take him home, if he needed to go somewhere I’d pick him up and take him. When we broke up there was some arguing I think because of frustration? We didn’t have any major problems, he told me he wants to find himself and grow. I guess I helped him so much that he didn’t realize how hard it really is. He told me that he needs to grow and better himself before we move any forward. I personally think it’s true. I feel positive about this whole thing. He even told me himself ” I cant be with you right now because I feel useless, I can’t drive and we can’t do things like we use to” I’m trying to put myself in his shoes and picture if I had a DUI, I’d be feeling like crap too! I love this guy so much, I understand where he’s coming from,I want the best for him. We had a talk and I told him That I love him very much and I’m still here for him no matter what just like I promised, if he ever needed me I’d be here. I don’t think he’s just trying to find a reason for us to break up, because we still talk and care for each other I think if he didn’t care or love me he would have gotten rid of me for good! My point is how do I keep our love alive? I don’t wanna bug him or smother him. I wanna give him his space just like he asked. I wanna be that girl who undertsands. I obviously don’t wanna call him every single day like I use to when we we’re together but I still want to show him I love him and care about him. We’ve known each other for 8years, so I really know him and I’m trying my best to understand him and give him his space. Any advice as to how I can keep us strong? What can I do during this time to show him that I still love him? Can you guys help please! :)

Best answer:

Answer by rogerâ„¢
just show him that because he cant drive it doesn’t mean hes useless.
ask him if he wants to go somewhere? like meet him at a restaurant or cinema or something.. let him pay..trust me it makes a guy feel more manly when he pays.. show him you love him.. maybe ask him if he wants to spend the day together? get him to come over to your house and walk to the park or the mall? go shopping and get some ice cream or to the beach?
dont call him everyday but maybe call him once or twice a week? ask him how he is, what hes doing, if hes done anything exciting..
for example he goes to his DUI meetings every thursday.. so phone him tuesday and ask him how he is.. then maybe phone him on thursday ask him how the meeting went? just show him you care :)
remember to tell him how you feel.. dont just bottle it up.
hope i helped and good luck to you too :)

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