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2nd DUI Messed Up BIG TIME?

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Question by mattman_fatman: 2nd DUI Messed Up BIG TIME?
I know that I will receive a lot of judgmental comments, but the fact of the matter is I have a really good job, I am straight A college student, and I do my best to work hard every day. I recognize that I have a problem drinking. My question is how can I make this up to my soon to be ex-girlfriend. I crashed her car (I was alone), and I was driving under the influence. She is going to get a pay off from her insurance company, but what can I do to show her that I’m truly sorry and remorseful. This is my 2nd DUI. My first DUI was nine years ago. I have vowed to get help and never get behind of the wheel drunk again. Also, how can I deal with the extreme guilt and frustration I’m feeling? Please, any advice will be helpful.

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I know if it was me, if you told me you were sorry enough times then I’d end up forgiving you. Also if you can prove to her tht you are getting help for your drinking then that should go some way to help. But seriously, you need to think about this. If you want to have a drink, don’t drive! It’s not just the fact that you could crash the car, you could kill somebody and end up in prison. If you are drinking, make sure the car keys are nowhere near so that they are out of temptations way.

If she loves you enough, she’ll forgive you.

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June 2nd, 2014 at 9:10 pm

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