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A friend got a DUI. What can I do to help?

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Question by massey914: A friend got a DUI. What can I do to help?
Tonight, a friend who was driving me and a few other friends got a DUI, in Oklahoma. My friend had very little to drink, but was still charged with a DUI. What can I do to help him? I feel very bad, because he was driving us home, and had pure intentions, but got arrested at a road block. I know the exact amount he drank, and what time periods he drank in, which should have been legal, but the police deemed it otherwise. Is these anything I can do to help? I’m going to post his bail, but I feel as if I owe him more, because it could have easily been me in his place . Any help and/or advice would be great.
Edit* He was not made to take a breathalyzer or blood test. I was sober, and as far as I was aware, he was too. We all had very little to drink, and while they arrested him, they allowed us to take his vehicle home. If the answers would be serious advice, and not judgemental, that would be greatly helpful. We’re not alcoholics, and he literally had very little to drink over multiple hours.

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Answer by Amnt
Be a designated driver.

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June 4th, 2014 at 9:10 am

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