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Advice on taking care of a criminal bench warrant?

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Question by : Advice on taking care of a criminal bench warrant?
I was arrested in June of 2008 for my first DUI offense. I ended up moving to Reno shortly thereafter but I let the courts know I was leaving Vegas and moving to Reno, NV. I was scheduled to appear in court in May 2009 with a completed drug / alcohol evaluation, which I did. I was sentenced to level II DUI school (26 weeks), 30 AA meetings, a victim impact panel, a $ 600 fine, and 9 hours of Drug / Alcohol education. I was due back in court in January 2010, this year. I didn’t quite take it seriously and stopped worrying about it. Needless to say, all I had when I showed back up (yes I still went back even without completing everything) was $ 500 to pay towards my fines. I didn’t do anything else. The judge told me I had til July of this year, an extra 6 months, to take care of my stuff, or else.

Here’s where the situation gets sticky. February of this year after I came back to Reno, I ended up catching my second DUI 2nd offense Marijuana. Yes, I am a complete idiot. I admit it. Now, the problem is that they put me on a court compliance program for my second DUI and I’ve been to jail twice over it already, once on a bench warrant for FTA and once again for violating the terms of my probation. I was unable to leave Reno to go to court in Vegas in July because of the program I was in. Essentially for my second DUI I was sentenced to 52 weeks of classes and a victim impact panel (fines and court fees paid with time served in jail). I now have a bench warrant for FTA in Vegas when I was unable to leave Reno based on the terms of my program. They never extradited me back to Vegas when I was arrested any of the times in Reno for my second DUI. I assume that Reno would not let Vegas come get me because the city of Reno wants me to take care of my business up here first.

Now, I’m finally taking this seriously. I’m 21 now and I’m not going to get any younger. I simply want my name out of the system by completing both my Vegas court stuff as well as my Reno stuff. I’ve already began my classes for Reno and I won’t be done until November of next year. I’ve done my victim impact panel. I even done my Victim Impact Panel for Vegas as well.

So what should I do? I have my Reno program under control, I check in with the courts and go to class weekly, so slowly but surely I am taking care of it. My question is in regards to Vegas, my first DUI. I have a bench warrant out there because I was unable to leave Reno. I also haven’t completed any of my program for Reno except the AA meetings, the V.I.P., and paid off most of the fine. What exactly should I do? Is there a way I would be able to get it transferred from Vegas to Reno so that I can take care of it up here? It is from the same state just different counties. Should I ask my Reno judge to write a letter recommending that my bench warrant and contempt of court in Vegas be quashed because I was unable to balance both programs at once? I have my Reno business under control, I just would like advice on what to do for Vegas.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I am just simply trying to take care of all of this. I want to go back to school and having these cases still opened prevents that.

Thanks guys!

P.S.: I’ve quit drinking, I’ve quit smoking pot, I don’t even smoke cigarettes anymore, I’m asking for advice regarding my court predicament, NOT advice about my past lifestyle. I don’t live like that anymore and I am here right now trying to take responsibility for my actions and take care of this.

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Answer by tummybulge
You need to at least consult with a lawyer to find out how much trouble you are still in . Most lawyers will give you an initial free consultation and then offer to take you on a retainer .

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