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Being forced to a waiver for a DUI when I have never been arrested for a DUI?

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Question by Mitchell: Being forced to a waiver for a DUI when I have never been arrested for a DUI?
I’m 27 years old and have been attempting to join the United States Army to better myself as an American, father, husband, and person. I have been fighting to enlist for almost a year now on account that I was arrested 7 years ago for Careless and Imprudent Driving and Minor in Possession by Consumption. The officer who stopped me smelled beer on my breath and asked me to take a Breath BAC Test and I agreed. I blew a .07 and the illegal cutoff is .08 so the officer didn’t hit me with a DUI. My violations happened in a small town in Missouri but I’m living in New Jersey and attempting to enlist from here. The County Court where my case was tried lost my court records but the City Court sent their copies along with police report, copies of the citations, and any other recorded documents of my arrest. Nowhere does it say I had received a DUI. The Recruiting Commanding Battalion is forcing me to submit a Waiver for a DUI. How can I when I have no evidence from court supporting me having a DUI. My background police checks as well as FBI background checks both came up negative and clear. A DUI will stay on your record indefinitely. I’ve contacted a Congressman with my story because I believe what this woman is doing to me is illegal. I’m awaiting Congressman Sires’ return call. I won’t stop fighting this.

My questions are: Is this in fact illegal to force upon someone? And Is there anyone who can help me fight this?

Best answer:

Answer by trai
It is not illegal for the Army to make its own enlistment regulations.

Enlistment is voluntary, so no one is forced.

But, no, forcing someone to enlist is not illegal if the government does it. It’s called a “draft.”

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