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Dui classes….. probation ….?

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Question by chuy: Dui classes….. probation ….?
Dui classes….. probation ….?
Dui classes….. probation ….?
well o got a DUI in Oct 12 of 2012
im paying my fines and everything on time…
but my DUI classes i didn’t sign up on time
igot to show completion of the classes on APR 04 2014
but when i tried to sign up they said no beacuase i had passes my start date
and the only reason that happened was because i didn’t have the money at the time.
now i do but they said to re-see the judge an im scared because i don’t want him to violate my probation for that but iam paying everything else no new charges just that little problem so can you guys help me an see what am looking at ??? etc … California .. my start date was apr 4 2013 … im late !

Best answer:

Answer by XmacexcelX
You need to contact the court ASAP. Let them know the situation, and they will set up a court date. Make your appearance, and bring some proof that you had no money, like bank statements. Also bring proof that you had other bills, and tell him that you’ve been paying your fines on time as well. The best way to contact the court would be to send a neat formal typed letter. You can find guidelines on the correct format on Google, or www.ehow.com. Putting forth the effort to show you ran into financial issues will go a long way. If you feel that it’s necessary, you could always seek the advice of a public defender. I wish you the best of luck.

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