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How should I address my bad credit and DUI?

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Question by wid3awake: How should I address my bad credit and DUI?
I’m having a crisis. It’s been over a year and a half since I had a real job, and I’m desperate. At this point I’m renting space on someone’s couch, since I’ve lost everything: car, marriage, apartment, you name it.

Before I got myself together, but during this whole downward spiral, I received a DUI. Now I don’t drink. I attend AA, do community service, pay my probation on time. When I go to a job interview, it always goes well. I know no matter how good I do face to face, when they see my paper (credit report and background check) I get the inevitable letter advising me that I haven’t been accepted. I get all the free credit reports I want now, but have no money to pay down the car repo, the court costs, the classes for DUI or MADD, the medical bills, apartment repossession, or any of the other stuff that’s adding up.

I know I could be more effective with help but I’ve been frustrated when I show up at the unemployment office and try to explain why I’m getting turned down. The help at the center doesn’t seem to be able to handle giving advice on the issue.

I created a letter of explanation, for the adverse items in my report and background. So far everyone I talk to about it is unanimous in saying not to include it as part of an application.

Looking it over I realize that giving too much information up front is going to run the employers off. And if they do have concerns I think it would be best to give extremely general and brief allusions to what happened and then get right on to focusing on how I’ve improved.

What else is there to do? Are there ‘second chance’ white collar jobs out there? Due to medical reasons, I can’t just start doing labor jobs. Programs for misdemeanor offenders, or people with horrific credit reports?

Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks for your answers.

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Answer by Giustapporre
Well, this situation sucks. Sorry. It’s rough out there for most, and then here you are swimming upstream to boot.

You might try looking for a “job coach” or someone who had been in a similar situation like yours and who would be willing to “mentor” you back into a good position again. So that’s one idea.

Another idea is, in the next set of interviews, go into it “proactively” and tell them up front that while you’ve had difficulties in the past, that you’ve overcome all of that and are super motivated and inspired to do an amazing job for them and that actually, whoever does hire you will be very lucky because you’ve learned so much about life from all of your experiences, that you’d never take such chances again or make such horrible decisions again, either.

My advice just has to do with “disarming” them – you know, telling them up front that some things in your past may not look so great, but you’re so acutely aware of how to do things differently in the future, that you’ve learned so much from this, that you are very motivated to do an amazing job for whoever the lucky one is to hire you. And then of course, you have to stand by your word, and mean it. Make a commitment to turn your life around.

So, be honest but turn it around in a way to them, so that they can see that you have learned and grown and changed form this past. And again, mean it.

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June 5th, 2014 at 3:10 pm

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