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I am needing some advice!?

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Question by Kolton: I am needing some advice!?
So, to make things short im 19 and a gay closet case. If you have a problem with that then LEAVE this page. Well anyways, there’s a very cold hearted gay guy around my area. He found out about me and being that I will not be in a relationship with him, he has decided that he is going to “fuck my world up” by writing my family and friends a letter telling them everything about me, and by printing out things off of my facebook to mail to them. (He made a fake facebook and flirted with me and saved the messages after wards). I am not going to ever date him. Ive completely isolated myself from the gay community because of him. And there is NO WAY I will EVER come out to my friends and family. Long story with that just trust me. The only dirt I do know on him is that this guy is in the army, and that he got a dui the other day. So if anyone has any ideas on what I should do to either stop this or make it look like a lie then please tell me. I’m a good guy and I’ve been really depressed about this. Thanks!

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Answer by olderwiser100a
sometimes you have to just turn the tables on guys like this. the army will not be amused to find out he is gay, nor will they be happy about his dui. threaten to tell the army everything about him just as he is telling your friends and family everything about you. the army will react far more strongly than perhaps your friends and family will.

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