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Question by Lance Wolverine: I need help with a DUI Case?
In Montana, Flathead Tribal Land
OK, Last friday I was suppose to drive a few friends around while they drink. We went to this house party and I ended up drinking. The cops were called and I tried to get out of their as soon as possible since Im only 18 with two MIP’s on the same reservation. But, all night i was trying to go home before the house party and even at the house party i was trying. I didn’t know anybody their or nobody will drive 20 miles out of town to get me and drive me home. So when the cops came my friends told me to drive their car. I was pulling out and that when a cop stopped me. I took a Breathalyzer and Did series of tests. I Blewa .115 or i really don’t understand but hundered something. I told them i Was drinking but i told them i was trying to drive them home. They gave me a DUI. And brang me to the jail where i was filmed and took the same tests again. I did another Breathalyzer and blew .220 something and then they brang me home. I don’t know what to do i have a Traffic court on Wednesday and Should i plead guilty or not guilty? Another thing I have family in Canada, My mother. And I see her every few months. Also This is my first offense, Im only 18 years old, I was trying to help somebody out, Really didn’t drive but was trying to at the party. Do I have a good chance of getting out of it? I am a College student and Will it be on my record and will I bee able to cross the border? Im really scared and depressed. I need advice ASAP. And will it be replenished or thrown out after court if I pay fines, take classes or ect. And can it be lowered to a different crime. Will it be a felony or misdemeanor or traffic or alcohol violation. NOTE: I need to get to canada! I need advice please help. I would greatlyappriciate it.

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Answer by The Truth Hurts
You say…” need help with a DUI Case” – you need a criminal defense attorney, that simple.

they brang you? brang? No such word I don’t think..

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