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Is my dui case good enough for a dismissal? Please let me know what I should do. Its my first dui offense =(?

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Question by V.sayTUrn: Is my dui case good enough for a dismissal? Please let me know what I should do. Its my first dui offense =(?
I’m 22 and I drink on special occasions. Just that one night i chose to go out alone I drank to relax and have fun. Leaving an hour gap beforeheading home, I take of and of course I got pulled over. around 12 am on the 30th, and was trying to head home from the club. five minutes of driving I get pulled over. I had about 3 drinks and a beer all in 6 hours of being there. Cop says I was serving, so I agreed to cooperate with everything. He gave me about 5 field tests which he commented about how I was doing better than most people, I stumbled because of my nerves but I;m 90 percent sure I did them all well then he decides to give me the breathalizer. After the second blow he told me “Unfortunately your level is over the legal limit and I have to place you under arrest” for a dui having a bac level of .089 . sacramento, ca downtown I st where I got pulled over, isn’t the best place to drive, due to pot wholes and of course cars parked on the side, and a busy st.which i swerved for, i was driving on a one way st the lane all the way to the right. then 5-10 minutes later we arrive to the station where he then told me to take another breathalyzer, I then blew .077, he didnt explain what was going to happen with that, but i knew for sure I was below then. The officer was really nice,didn’t tow my car and thanked me for cooperating the whole time and says he’ll put in a good comment on the document? at this point i was thinking (THEN WHY ARREST ME? ) so of course scared and nervous I just continued following direction and next thing I knew I was in the tank for 17 hours! Their system was down and couldnt finger print us? so now we’re stuck waiting because they can’t fix there system? It was quite an experience. I just need advice and help, should I get a lawyer and fight this? or will it be a waste of money. Will the public defender do much for me? Its my first offense and I’m really scared and not sure which step I should take.

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Answer by charles
firt of all you are BARELY over the limit.Thats good.I would fight it with a public defender.The reason being YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE but your lawyer can make sure you get light punishment(assumeig this is the first
time you been arrested b4)they might even work a deal where it will disappear as long as you dont get into trouble again.EVER.ever again.
THEY Are prety ight on 1st offenders.but def. GET A LAWYER

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June 7th, 2014 at 9:11 pm

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