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Marine Corps, Army, Navy, or Air Force? rumors…advice?

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Question by aqua reef: Marine Corps, Army, Navy, or Air Force? rumors…advice?
i want to join the marines but, i heard a rumor that the marines are full right now and you could end up waiting almost a year to go to boot camp. this is a problem for me simply because i have a baby on the way and a future wife to support. i am not proud of my careless decisions, but there it is. fortunate for me and her, our parents are supportive. but i would like to support my family and i can’t wait that long. i want to go leave for boot as soon as i graduate(june 5th). i love the marine mentally, traditions, and how much respect they have, but to long of wait. So that leaves me with the army, air force, and navy. i like the sound of being a Corpsman because i could get embedded with a marine unit and still somewhat be doing what i want. but another rumor i heard, you have to be lucky to get into FMF… so that leaves me with army… and air force i suppose

any advice? are the rumors true? thank you for your time

Best answer:

Answer by Yak Rider
All branches are full right now. It could be up to a year before you leave for boot camp.

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June 13th, 2014 at 9:11 pm

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