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Pending DUI and military deployment?

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Question by venussoulfly: Pending DUI and military deployment?
My bf got news he was being deployed back in March. In April he got a DUI. In May he was told he was a ‘no-go’….3 months had gone by and after every monthly drill he was told, and it was confirmed he was still a ‘no-go’. They had advised him to stay behind this time to take care of his pending DUI, and when they are doing deployment sometime next year he should volunteer. He agreed to do so and I went on to fax over all of his legal papers to his first seargent. He was moved to another unit of people who were not going to Iraq this summer and they also held him back from going to his annual yearly training. After 3 months of relief and starting to move forward with our lives, we were under the impression he was clear of being deployed and can carefully take care of the DUI and finances. Come this past Monday morning his first seargent called him threatening him with signing AWOL papers and issuing a warrant for his arrest if he did not show up at his unit to be sent to NJ for deployment. After all of this time, we were not prepared AT ALL. He was in th process of straightening things out with the DUI, ARD and a finalized divorce, child support, loans, new car, etc. NOTHING was in order and now he, i and my entire family is in disarray. He has been gone for 5 days now and even told me when they were calling soldiers names off the roster to leave for training, his name was not on the list. He’s not even on their roster….something has got to be wrong…someone must have dropped the ball?…what can we do….he is not mentally or physically prepared for this and everyone is losing it. Any advice….he only has 30 days left in the states to get things in order…..i am so LOST as to how to help….im concerned for his mental well being….please help!

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Answer by Yo it’s Me
Bottom line, better spend the 30 day that he has left getting things in order.

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