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Q&A: advice please? on relationships..?

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Question by *M.M*: advice please? on relationships..?
ok so here it is.. my boyfriend and daughters (she is 2 weeks from being 3 yrs.old) father have been together for 5 years. just recently he was in jail for about 5 months.(nothing too serious just a dui) i did everything i possibly could for him during this time. after he got out everything was so wonderful. the best it could be. he was calling me or texting me all the time. which is great due to before it was always me doing the work. we went as far as talking about having another baby together and finally moving in together again. so about 5 days ago we got into a fight. he was calling me a liar and all sorts of mean things. he said he didn’t want to be with me anymore. i have sent him a text a day which he has choosen to ignore. i send them because i really love him with all my heart. i would do anything for this man. i am just so lost and confused right now. i miss him so much. it is just so hard to even try to think of letting him go when i love him this much! i mean this isn’t the first time we broke up or anything its happened before but the longest we went without talking is 6 months (his choice) please if anyone could help me with some advice or if you have been in this situation i would apprecieate the answers!!!

my daughter keeps saying i miss daddy and i want to see daddy. it just breaks my heart. i just tell her that daddy is busy with work and he loves you. i d on’t want to say anything negative about him to her or anything at all because i love him but he is only thinking of himself.

Best answer:

Answer by Jasmine_M
I really feel for your honey. With or without my advise i sincerely wish you the best of luck. In situations like this you have 3 main options. 1. Confront him ( and not over text, that’s the wost way to communicate with someone) go to his house, work, hang out spot and talk to him face to face. find out what he really wants to do, and why he is acting the way he is acting. After 5 years he owes you that explanation, so demand it. 2. Leave him alone. He expects your calls and texts, so if you just stop one day he is gonna wonder why. Leave your phone at home when you go to work if you have to. And if he doesn’t come back running then move on, you cant make someone date you or love you. If he doesn’t want this then you can still walk away with your head up high. 3. Take him to court for child support and demand that he sees his child. you can have it court ordered. Either way i hope you pick the option that is right for you. Im sure you know what it is already. I wish you the best of luck dear.

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June 3rd, 2014 at 9:10 am

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