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Q&A: Did I make a mistake?? need advice..?

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Question by : Did I make a mistake?? need advice..?
I met this guy about nine months ago at a camp. we stayed in touch. We texted nearly everyday. We couldn’tsee each other much because we lived 4 hours apart. Also, I was in a relationship with this guy who I went to college with. We had been on and off for 2 years, and we were in love once upon a time. Things ended up not working out so well with that guy. Eventually me and the guy from camp started talking about dating, having a long distance relationship. He drove 4 hours to see me and sent me flowers and we would stay up all night talking on the phone. Everything was so great. I went up to visit him and I met his family. Then we talked about moving in together. I was still in college, and he had a pretty good job. We had been dating for about a month or so, then I went home to visit family and friends for about a week. My ex, who I mentioned above, begged to see me, and I gave in. I told him nothing could happen, I wasn’t going to talk long, I have a boyfriend, so on and so forth. He agreed to keep things friendly. So I met up with him and we talked, and he started crying, told me he made a mistake, didn’t mean to hurt me, told me he still loved me like crazy, and kissed me. I was like oh crap… I gotta admit, I felt something, but I chose to ignore it, because I was in a relationship and I knew I was happy in it. I went home and I told my ex to leave me alone, that I was sorry I hung out with him, and that I couldn’t talk to him anymore. The next day was the day I left to go back up to my bf’s house. I told him I saw my ex, that we hung out, but I couldn’t bring myself to tell him about him kissing me. I know that’s terrible, I really couldn’t stand the thought of hurting him. I chose to try to just ignore it and move on. A few weeks later, I told him. He was very upset, but he forgave me. I continued staying up here, and we were happy. So we decided it would be best for me to move up with him, that way he could keep his stable job and I could go to college where he is from. I moved in with him, 4 hours away from my friends, family, school. We talked to the school, and decided it would be best to start next semester because I would have to establish residency in this state to get in-state tuition. So after that I started immediately looking for jobs and stuff. After dating almost 4 months, we were already talking about marriage. We were so happy together, living with each other. He was asleep one night while I was still awake. I grabbed his phone because I was going to put something on his facebook, something like “hacked by your girlfriend”. but the 1st thing that popped up was his messages between him and this girl. they were talking about hooking up, and he was saying they could hang out but I couldn’t know, because I would flip. saying she had a nice body. talking bad about me. just stuff like that. all while i was under the impression that things were great. when i found out, i told him, and he didn’t say much. i was shocked that he cheated. he kept saying excuses like “well you kissed your ex so I thought I would feel better if I did this” or “we didn’t actually have sex, we just talked about it, so it’s not wrong” … I packed up my stuff and went home. While I was gone, he was depressed and drank a lot. He called me every night crying begging for me to come back and that he didn’t mean anything and she means nothing. my friends and family supported me, told me i did the right thing by coming home. then he had a wreck and got a dui, spent a night in jail. he said he learned a lot while sitting in jail thinking, learned not to take things for granted. he came to see me and apologized to me, even my parents. so of course I took him back. when we were back at our house, his computer was still logged into facebook. I saw where he had invited that girl to come over while we were broken up. she didn’t come over tho. and I saw where, while he was crying begging for me to come back, saying i meant everything to him, he was flirting with other girls. when i confronted him about that, he just said he was in a dark place, was drinking every night, and was very depressed. so i put all that outta my head. a couple months have passed and things are shaky. we argue a lot and i miss my family. my ex texted me one day to say I am ruining my life because I am not in college. my parents agree. we are engaged and my parents know but he won’t tell his family. he doesn’t want his mom to know because she is already stressed out. what should I do? by the way, we are 21.
oh and things usually are okay, like we are happy together, but when I am alone I start to miss my family a lot. I miss school too. And I can go back to school here, it just will take longer to get back in. We argue more than we used to. His mom doesn’t like me, which is part of the reason he wont tell her we are engaged. I don’t think he would cheat on me again, but I don’t know. We both are working on building our trust. but I keep dreaming about my ex. and I know I shouldn’t. I don’t know why it happens. probably just because I think of home a lot, and he is there, he goes to school where I am from.

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Answer by Freddie
Make your own desicion and do what you think is right. Dont do somthing somone on here tells you to do because it might not work on the people you know.

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