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Q&A: Hey guys Plz help depo shot or DUI ! ? Help me Plz ?

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Question by Evelyn D. Palma: Hey guys Plz help depo shot or DUI ! ? Help me Plz ?
Hi! Right now I’m am using the depo shot since 3/19/11 till this day yesterday I went to my doctor because I was feeling some pain it was nothing to worry about. We spoke about my period that I still have it this is my 18 day!!! O_O crazy much right? Anyway I know is because of side effects hair falling getting fat & acne at the first months is like that then it comes back to normal. He advice me to get an DUI I really don’t trust DUI due to hearing horrible stuff about it I know everybody’s body is different but still.. My mother had it it came out & it caused a really bad spotting inside her & my other friend the same thing… Plz which one should I get ? Oh I dont like the pill because I forget & it dosent work while taking antibiotics

Thank u!

Best answer:

Answer by Jaz
I’ve taken every single contraception out even abstenace (sp?) and I’m only 19 (I’m so fussy)

I hated the pill I never remembered to take it,
In my opinion I loved the depo I always had my period on my depo (I’m still on it)

I wernt really a lover of the DUI but IMO it was better than all the other contraception except the depo

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June 1st, 2014 at 9:15 am

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