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Q&A: I need some serious life advice help please?

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Question by Jazzmin: I need some serious life advice help please?
Ok so in late June I got a dui and my license got suspended. I was staying in an apartment that was pretty expensive and ended up having to break my lease to leave. I then moved into a rental house and after only two days of living there my family and I left the house because it was haunted. My son woke me.up at 11:00 pm and told me a woman was in bed with him so me and my fiance grabbed what was important and went to his aunts to stay because its a 4 bedroom home and she had space. We have been here about 2 and a half weeks. My.mom has been taking my son to school (hes 4 yrs old) and im having trouble finding a job because of the dui and i live in a small town and nobodys hiring. I recently was looking at a house that’s 475 deposit and 500 a month. Only problem is we r living off one income and the location and condition of the house is horrible. Plus i didnt want. Year lease and its a year. My parents r dead set on me.moving in there and the lady keeps calling asking if i want it. My fiance wants to move into the city so i can ride the bus and find a job easier. My son would.have to switch schools.though and im just really confused im tired of stressing over it and my.parents are really pushy and obsessed with.my.son. i feel like i have no freedom or.independance
Please leave ir advice anything will help at this point :(

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Answer by Emily
You and your fiance need to sit down and decide what is best for you, him, and your son. Don’t worry about your parents. They do not have a say in what you decide. You can take their advice and opinouns respectfully and nicely, but you do not have to listen. This decision is between you and your fiance.

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