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Q&A: out of state dui question?

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Question by bobby: out of state dui question?
Was in flda for a couple years with a flda DL. Got a DUI lost the flda DL and after 6 months moved back home. Probation is terminated, suspension is up, did my CS. I renewed my DL back home and have been fine for two years. I went to flda to for vaca and my dad was pulled over in my old car for having a suspended license under the license plate. obviously nothing happened because his license was valid and it wasn’t me. I called Flda DMV and they told me that i still had to get an interlock device for six months to clear my license. Considering I am in another state I went ahead and got one installed under my flda license number and sent the paper work to flda. They then sent me back a paper confirming my flda license is reinstated with a p restriction which means I have to drive with an interlock device. It also says that I may bring the paper to the dmv at home to reinstate my license here. My record is fine at home and I haven’t had a problem. Do I have to bring the paper and get the restriction put on my license at home? Considering my suspension is well over due. I am driving with the interlock either way just didn’t want it on my license back home. I drive multiple vehicles daily for my job and it took me a while to get this job. I don’t want to ruin it for something that was two years ago and already paid my dues. Any advice?

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Answer by Flatpaw
If you don’t live in FL and don’t use that drivers license, but you live in a new state and use that license, don’t worry about FL.

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