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Q&A: Should I do substance abuse evaluation or counseling for DUI?

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Question by SpeshL BLenD: Should I do substance abuse evaluation or counseling for DUI?
My lawyer said that since my readings were high for my DUI and I am underage, in order to get less than 12 months of loss of license I need to either have a substance abuse evaluation or show some proof of counseling. I would really like to try for 7 months instead of 12, what do you think I should do, which is easier and which will cost less? Will insurance cover either? Since I am a kid in college and the drinking habits of kids are technically alcohol problems as it is, will I most likely do bad in the evaluation? I don’t have any other psychological problems or other substance abuses, I just used to drink a lot when everyone was back for the summer.

Any advices or experiences are greatly appreciated

Best answer:

Answer by phoenixstarshine
I suggest going for counseling…it can’t and won’t hurt

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June 7th, 2014 at 3:10 pm

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