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Q&A: What can I expect at court for a DUI?

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Question by IceCream!: What can I expect at court for a DUI?
I just got a DUI on Valentine’s Day last month, and on Monday I got to go to court and see a judge. Can anyone give me any advice on what I might have to do? This is in the state of California, and this is my first offense. I have no other priors or anything. Overall I am a good person. Never got in trouble with the cops or anything before. I have been driving for about 11 years now, and until 2 months ago I got a driving while talking on a cell phone ticket, and 1 month later I get poped! with a DUI… Dam!

How does the public defender thing work? Do I have to get one before the court date or on the court date?

Should I fight it? How can I fight it?

Any advice, or suggestions???
I have a clean driving record until that DUI!!!
I blew a 0.12 on the BAC.
I had burrped while I was blowing…

Best answer:

Answer by topherlg87
why didn’t you contact a lawyer? often its cheaper to contact a lawyer than to plead guilty for these. trust me i know. What most people don’t know is that there is a 10-day rule that if you have a special hearing requested its possible that your license won’t be suspended at all and you won’t have to pay a lot of the outlandish fees. If i were you i would just please no-lo contender being that its your first dui. good luck. id still contact a lawyer at this point just to see your options, they won’t make you pay them until you sign a contract stating that they are representing you. there are a TON of factors that can be argued in a d.u.i.

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June 3rd, 2014 at 3:12 pm

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