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Relationship advice. Stay or go?

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Question by Freddy: Relationship advice. Stay or go?
I want advice and opinions on this. Ok.. I am with someone who has a 4 year old. The dad just shows up or calls demanding to see the kid when he wants or when its convenient for him. If she tries to tell him no he keeps calling over and over, starts making threats, and/or has his mother call. Or he just shows up. There’s no structure, no court orders in place for when/where how long etc. he should be seeing the child. He doesn’t pay child support and never has. He is in and out of jail, has a lengthy criminal record. He was supposed to pick the kid up one time last year and he was intoxicated. The kid didn’t go with him, and on his way home he crashed his car into an oncoming car. He since has gotten the 4th DUI within 3 months of the 3rd, and she still lets him come to pick this child up with a revoked license. Being concerned for a childs safety, and even though my opinion really means squat I guess, I told her I think its really dumb to allow this to go on. The dude is married to someone else, yet she still caters to him and allows him to play games when it comes to the kid. Should I say the hell with the relationship? What are your opinions out there? Anyone want more details let me know.
Such great responses. A lot better than I hoped. Thanks to all..

Best answer:

Answer by Mike
If you are even asking yourself this question, then you should go. There is nothing there for you worth waiting for.

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June 11th, 2014 at 3:10 pm

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