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Suspended license in PA! HELP I need some advice!?

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Question by NONAME: Suspended license in PA! HELP I need some advice!?
When I was 18 I got my first DUI when I was at the University Of Delaware Campus to visit friends, at that time I was living in Pennsylvania, and I still do! I am now 21 and I have gotten 4 underages since (all in the state of Pennsylvania) and havent had my license for about 2 years and I wont be eligible until 07-24-2011! I have never driven on a suspended license, so I’ve been a good boy, ontop of the fact that I have been clean and sober for 1 year and eight months! I have to live with a lot of things on a daily day basis! I hurt my family, my education, but worst of all, I hurt myself in my addiction, and I am and have been done with drugs and alcohol! I am currently awaiting discharge from a program called drug court, which is the biggest accomplishment in my life to date. The Chester County Drug Court Treatment Staff has been wonderful and I’d like to believe that I have been a wonderful success story in their eyes! There’s just one thing missing, I don’t have my license until late 2011! I talked to PENNDOT and they said no because this is a series of repeat offenses! Is this true? Is there NOTHING that can be done? Can I move after Drug Court? I walk 40 minutes then take two buses just to get to work everyday. Just the one way. I want to go to school so badly, but I can’t because the trip of getting to work and back alone is a shift for the average worker. I’ve gone so long now and I can go longer, but I honestly don’t want to, because I want to be able to go to school and become a dictrict manager for my company! Somebody please give me advice!

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Answer by Mayhem X-Ray
That must suck.. I suppose this will be a lesson well learned by the time you get past it. I bet you wont do anything to jeopardize your license again.
Most states have a ‘habitual offender’ act. If you do certain things wrong over and over, they suspend your license for 3, 5, and 7 years. i think they can suspend for up to 9 years in my state.
Sorry, but you messed up big time. Time to pay up. You’re lucky it was a DUI, and not vehicular homicide.

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