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Up front with employers about DUI’s?

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Question by agua4211: Up front with employers about DUI’s?
I graduated with my M.A. recently and was coming home from a party for graduates. I didn’t plan on consuming the amount of alcohol I did. I made the terrible decision to drive home and was arrested for DUI. My first dui was years ago. Now in regards to employment, shall I be up fron about the two dui’s with the employer? i plan to do archival or museum work. How will this affect my chances of ever obtaining employment, even if I am qualified? Any advice/suggestions? (please, no criticism as I have already received enough of it)
first DUI six years ago

Best answer:

Answer by charlie j
If you have lost your licence and its a need for the employer then you will have to tell them and if the mployer is dead set you must have your licence then that is a no go zone. Otherwise i dont feel there is a need to disclose it as it isnt a refection on your work capabilities.

The only problem you may encounter is if they required a police clearence where these offences will appear they may choose to question it (although they dont really have the right to)…..but you can cross that bridge when it comes to it. They arent violence or theft related offences which are usually strongly forwned upon depending on the job :)

Good luck :)

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May 26th, 2014 at 9:10 am

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