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What should I plead in my DUI case if I just want time to get a lawyer?

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Question by Tee: What should I plead in my DUI case if I just want time to get a lawyer?
Happened in Virginia…blew 0.14…first offense.

Obviously I can’t plead “guilty” because everything would be done and over with and I wouldn’t be able to have an attorney.

I don’t feel right saying “not guilty” because I doubt I have a legit case. But at the same time, I’d have time to get an attorney if I say this.

I’ve heard that pleading “no contest” is the same as pleading guilty.

So what do I do? My arraignment is in two days and I doubt I’ll have a lawyer by then, but I think I want one (to see if the charges can be lessened, etc.)

What should I plead if I just want to buy time to get a lawyer?

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Answer by omg_gogo
Well you could have taken the dui class before your court date, it will help you A LOT. but since you said the court date is in 2 days. Then yea, you should plea no contest. It means you neither admit or denies the charges. Usually they will give you a good plea bargain versus admitting the charges and receiving the full term.

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May 25th, 2014 at 9:10 am

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