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Will a DUI in the past two years hinder me from being accepted into a Florida nursing program for fall (09)?

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Question by NewCastleGrl: Will a DUI in the past two years hinder me from being accepted into a Florida nursing program for fall (09)?
I got a DUI coming home from my best friend’s bachelorette party. The “conviction” is in ’08. I have done everything the court has asked and am on my last leg of getting things completely out of the way (probation is done in June). I will be graduating with my AA in “pre nursing” at the end of this semester (May), with all of the pre reqs for the nursing program. As I have been researching when the deadlines are, I came across some questions regarding DUI’s and program entry/ licensing testing. I don’t want to 1) go through schooling and not be able to take the test because of this dumb decision and 2) waste the time and energy to get the pretesting done to enter the program (I have a 5 month old little boy and I already ask family members to watch him so I can study, etc).

My question is if there is anyone that knows first hand what stipulations they follow or if anyone has been in this situation and has been able to attend classes/get a license? While researching I saw that if the DUI had happened in 5 years or less, the person was not granted admission to the program. I know that my best bet would be to get a hold of some one at the BOD.

I truly hope this isn’t the case as I have been working my butt off!! Any advice would be helpful!

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Answer by queenE
in florida did you know a dui stays on your record for 75 years.it’s absolutely insane here-no second chances http://www.floridashealth.com/mqa/nursing/ap_licensure-RN-LPN.pdf this is the florida licensing board. read the policy very carefully-it does make a difference if it’s a misdemeanor or felony conviction.but they do go on a case by case study.so it’s 50/50 chance.i would call them and ask if you have a good chance of being able to sit for the boards,my friend who completed boards then got a dui was not suspended,but she went through treatment(she wasn’t an alcoholic) but had to gain forgiveness if you know what i mean. remember to admit the offense because they will check your record.also there are some states that allow 1 dui so you could move out of florida if you wanted nursing that bad.another idea is to get it expunged or sealed on your record.call a criminal attorney or look online for one in florida here is one to try http://www.attorneyowens.com/PracticeAreas/Sealing-My-Record.asp it is not that expensive and no future employer in future will ever know i feel for you florida is cruel

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June 8th, 2014 at 9:10 pm

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