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Will the prosecution offer me a lesser charge than DUI?

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Question by Wondering!: Will the prosecution offer me a lesser charge than DUI?
I’m 20, a female and I work my butt off. I take care of my whole family (mom, grandpa and little sister) off the income that I provide and I was charged with a DUI after totaling my car and blowing a .25. I KNOW this sounds awful. Please KNOW that I am ashamed and this WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. I do have a lawyer but I know cases are always different. I need to drive to get to work (I work in a different city than I live in) and I have a feeling that if I can’t keep my license, I will get fired. My boss has been very good to me throughout this process and also believes that I am too good of a person for this to happen to. Is there anyway a prosecutor will take my situation in to consideration and give me a break? I want to take AA. I want to take all of the classes given to me. I just don’t want to lose my license and my livelihood.

Please give me some advice. My lawyer is attending my DMV hearing tomorrow and I am absolutely terrified.

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Answer by billy bob
depends on how good your lawyer is

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